Melting & Pouring Process

Alchemy is sometimes defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained.

Your casting is in a sense taking raw materials from their original “ordinary” forms and transforming them into a special mix to make materials having properties that meet or exceed your application requirements.

At Precise Castings we start with no ordinary materials. We start with very high quality raw materials that will provide the cleanest and defect free investment casting possible. Each alloy element or base plate is clean, dry and certified before we begin to melt. Refined, certified ingot is often employed as a standard in many of the alloys we cast.

Small induction melting units are used to minimize melting time aiding controlled chemistry and metal quality. Once the liquid metal has been achieved the best pouring temperature a technician will use our spectrometer to confirm the chemistry is in the target range. Alloy specifications are compared and actual chemistries recorded before we pour into your preheated and cured ceramic shells. You can be assured the alloy is right or it will never be cast, period!


Our direct pour method offers premium metal quality and better control of pouring temperatures while minimizing potential for inclusion and gas pickup. Melting and pouring isn’t magic but does require attention to detail. The quality results at Precise Castings Inc are certainly nothing ordinary.