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Precise Castings Ltd. – where investment casting is “precision casting”!

An industry leading commercial precision investment casting (lost wax) foundry producing steel, stainless steel and nickel alloy castings. Let the team at Precise Castings Inc. prove their value in the successful launch of your next critical project.

Specializing in the lost wax precision casting process, investment casting has some rather distinct and unique advantages over other more cumbersome and expensive casting processes:

  • Uninhibited flexibility and freedom of design
  • Supports and suited for conversion from processes i.e.: Sand Casting, Forging, Machining, Fabrications
  • Alloy choices matching your specific job requirements
  • Near net shape out of the ceramic shell
  • Investment casting results in close tolerance over a wide range of alloys
  • The most consistent, ferrous casting process, predictable results batch to batch
  • Shelling system and wax pattern options to support rapid prototype needs
  • Significant cost savings possible in machining time, assembly and production
  • Long lived machined tooling

From low alloy investment castings to stainless steel or nickel alloy investment castings, we keep you ahead of the competition. Our attention to detail using precision casting techniques produces the highest quality steel castings for various industries.

Our alloy steel castings are integral to industries such as transportation, military, forestry, firearms, art, recreation, construction, oil and gas, pump and valve and other commercial applications. We also service higher demand applications such as refining or processing applications that require high temperature and wear-resistant nickel or severe application situations using cobalt castings as an example.

The food and medical industry are always innovating new products that call for our stainless steel castings. Duplex stainless and precipitation hardening alloys such as 17/4 are a very common casting at our precision casting operation.

Every customer requirements are carefully scrutinized in contract review and confirmed so you are confident your investment castings are ideally suited to your needs before proceeding. It has to be right for you!

  • Our quality services include:
  • Industry leading delivery and “customer-ized” service
  • Production from a ounces to approximately 150 pounds
  • Creative engineering to keep your costs down
  • Flexible volume capabilities
  • Adherence to world-wide standards and specs
  • An arsenal of value-added services and processes involving metal shaping, processing and assembly – just ask

With our investment casting process, you have a wide selection of nickel, cobalt, duplex, super alloy, stainless, heat and wear resistant and alloy steels that will produce the most complex, finely detailed lost wax castings possible. Working with us you can make informed decisions based upon the design specifications and the ultimate use of the product. Our goal is to see you be successful and have you as a repeat customer for years to come. Together, we can explore your opportunities. You, our highly valued customer, will always have executive decision-making powers and the last word when it comes to helping us create the precision casting that will serve you best.

Look to Precise Castings for your next casting need!

Precise Castings Ltd. is the #1 Investment casting company in our region.

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Heat or Wear Resistant Casting • Duplex • Precipitation Hardening • Nickel Casting • Steel Casting

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