At the time of the initial quotation , you will be quoted a piece price cost and a cooling cost. Most foundries will quote tooling as a separate item. This is usually a one time cost. It is wise to request that the investment caster describe the type of tooling they are quoting, whether manual, automatic, single or multi-cavity. Tooling is usually considered to be the property of the customer after all outstanding invoices are paid. Tooling is normally stored and maintained in an operational condition by the investment caster. It is critical that the issues of ownership and maintenance be clearly established at the beginning.

Investment casting tools are readily transferable from one foundry to another, often with little of no re-rigging costs. Some foundries however, have specialized wax injection equipment which may or may not be compatible with all types of tooling. For instance, a foundry which operates only manual wax injection machines may require some tool modifications in order to operate automatic tools. Again, it is advisable to discuss this with the investment foundry in advance of relocating tooling and determine whose responsibility it would be to pay for any modifications. Please remember that it will be very difficult for the investment foundry to determine exact modification costs until they have physically examined the tooling in question.