Where Can I Find an Investment Caster, Our Global Presence

Our FIRST response would be start by sending us an email to inquiry@precisecastings.ca.

Currently there are approximately 350 domestic sources for investment castings. Typically, names and addresses can be found in industrial journals and magazines or by attending local trade shows. The simplest way to locate an investment caster is to contact the Investment Casting Institute. A listing of all member foundries will be provided which will include names, addresses, telephone numbers, alloys poured, and size ranges of castings. This listing will allow the casting buyer to contact those investment foundries that may realistically meet the buyer’s needs.

Many Investment Casters have areas of specialization. Some are predominantly aerospace, while others lean more towards commercial grade castings. It is best to ask the foundry just what type of foundry they are, whether or not they can pour the alloys that you require, and whether or not your quality requirements can be achieved.

It is strongly recommended that you take the time to visit the investment foundry prior to placing a purchase order. Get to know the foundry’s capabilities and capacity, meet the people that you will be dealing with, the engineers, quality control, and production people who actually get the job done.